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Welcome to your new favorite Virtual Airline

We have you in mind – no activity requirements, real flight schedules, and a simple yet immersive experience.

Activity Requirements

We don’t believe in activity requirements – you have a real-world life and we don’t care about our participation statistics. It’s a match made in heaven. You just fly when you can and want.

Cutting Edge Tech

We have invested in the most leading-edge and coveted Virtual Airline systems which means you get a simple yet immersive experience from flight booking through PIREP submission.

Realistic Schedules

We have direct access to real-world schedules and we provide those to you. You want to fly a regularly scheduled flight? Done! You want to fly a special charter? We’ve got it! How about a repositioning flight or a maintenance ferry? Say no more.

“We’re launching something better – something that’s innovative and finally has the virtual pilot in mind.”

“Finally, a Southwest Airlines Virtual who is honest about having real-world schedules and having a Heart.”

“The technology and integration across platforms is by-far the most exciting part of this Southwest Airlines Virtual.”