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Our Values

We are dedicated to the flight simulation community and we have established these values to guide our virtual airline in our daily interactions and operations.

We hope you join us in sharing Our Values among the flight simulation community.

The vSWA Promise

We, the vSWA Leadership Team, promise that you’ll love being a Virtual Pilot with us. We promise you’ll love it because we promise:
1). We will never make a statement that we cannot keep
2). We will always keep your experience at the forefront of our decisions and system updates
3). We will have the real-world schedule available with updates as soon as they happen in the real-world

vSWA Pilots

Be HonestBe NiceHave Fun!
Be honest and authentic in all interactionsBe nice to everybody, it’s the vSWA way!Enjoy our hobby!
Don’t make false statementsAvoid the use of offensive or vulgar languageBe as realistic as you’d like – there’s no right way

The vSWA Virtual Airline

Strive for FirstInvest in the ExperienceEncourage Learning
Don’t settle to be the runner-up Southwest VirtualUtilize leading and desired technologyThere’s never a reason to stop learning
Always keep climbing, despite lowsMaintain an up-to-date real-world scheduleEmpower individuals with experience to engage and teach those wishing to learn